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NRC Publications Archive - Transcription

Narrator: The National Research Council is the Government of Canada's premier organization for research and development.

Each year NRC researchers make a significant contribution to Canada's scientific record of research, producing thousands of conference papers, articles, books, book chapters, presentations and technical reports.

NRC is part of a growing number of universities, colleges, agencies and other research organizations that have recognized the value of sharing their research output with the world by creating searchable, online repositories that can be accessed by all.

To support this philosophy, NRC established a policy requiring NRC researchers to deposit copies of their peer reviewed publications and technical reports into the NRC Publications Archive. The NRC Publications Archive also contains records for patents, presentations and other grey literature. Today, the NRC Publications Archive is a publicly accessible single gateway to NRC's record of research, holding more than 45,000 citations and providing access to more than 12,500 full text articles and counting.

Dr. Roland Kuhn: Well, I think it is really important to have a central repository where all the work done by NRC researchers is organized and collected. There is a real niche for tech reports, things that people inside the field, narrow specialists really want to know about your work that isn't publishable. Peer reviewed publications, yes, and there is a good reason to have them in there but not only that, it is also stuff that isn't publication material but is useful for instance, presentations and technical reports. I, myself, have two or three technical reports I have done with members of our team.

Narrator: While the management and maintenance of the NRC Publications Archive rests with NRC's Knowledge Management branch, the success of this repository is a group effort involving researchers, managers, submission administrators for each NRC portfolio, submitters, analyst and IT and Help Desk staff.

Dr. Roland Kuhn: The Crown copyright which some publishers have difficulty with, again the archive team handles that and it is great that they do. You know it is going to be there basically forever. Publishers can go bankrupt, conferences disappear, university departments are closed down, links go dead, but with the NRC Archive you know it is going to be there permanently and that is very important.

Narrator: In addition to showcasing NRC's significant research contributions, the NRC Publications Archive guarantees long term access to this research so that it can serve as a valuable resource for NRC researchers, collaborators and the public. This means people other than journal subscribers can access NRC affiliated articles which enhances the potential value and impact of the research. People other than conference attendees or association members can access conference papers and presentations. Accessibility is also enhanced through an intuitive search interface that allows users to browse by author, or use the advanced search feature to search by different values such as NRC affiliation, publication type and peer reviewed content.

The NRC Publications Archive increases the visibility of researchers output exponentially, not just by making it publicly accessible but also because all of the repositories content, not just articles are crawled by other search engines such as Google Scholar. In fact, some research work would not have exposure in Google Scholar and other search engines if not for the NRC Publications Archive metadata.

If visits, views and usage of the NRC Publications Archive are a measure of success, then these numbers are proof of the repositories positive impact.

Dr. Roland Kuhn: It's something that is available to every researcher and every group of researchers of the NRC and it is a great resource.

Narrator: Come have a look, or get in touch with the NRC Publications Archive team.

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